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Malaysia Ordered 55t Battery Locomotive Are Manufacturing
- Aug 24, 2017 -

Recently, our company are busy for manufacturing Malaysia client tunnel horizontal rail transportation equipments, manily including: 4 set 55t batter powered tunnel locomotives, 16 sets 22mĀ³muck cars,8 set 15t segment car, 4 15t flat car, and accumulator and locomotive charger,etc.

Henan Zhongsui Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd is one company professional manufacture tunnel construction rail transportation equipment, conglomerate with design, develop, manufacturer, and sales mechanical manufacturing enterprise. Main product : tunnel construction equipment, TBM battery locomotive, Shield supporting diesel locomotive, diesel electric locomotive, battery powered locomotives, muck car, grount car, segment car, flat car, man-ride car, 38A rail, Rail sleeper and anchor fixing, Tipping Device, Rail switching(California etc) shield supporting machinery.