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Introduce Of Battery Locomotive's Brake System
- Sep 14, 2017 -

The tunnel battery locomotive operation system introduction

The operation control system, the battery locomotive car frame is adopt welded type steel structure, the car frame from front to back installed driver’s cab, current transformer, and lead acid battery cases, air compressor and electric resistance. The driver’s cab set electric control cabinet and operation platform, the operation platform installed the driver controller, air brake brake valve, the control button, instrument and signal display device. The driver’s room front and two side all have glass windows, wide vision, convenient for observation. In addition, the battery accumulator locomotive can be optional choose the camera monitoring system, to solve the locomotive’s bad looking, to ensure the battery locomotive’s transport safety.

The battery locomotive brake performance is good, the electricity is normal brake, the air brake powered brake shoe as the locomotive normal or emergency use. When the locomotive realize the electric brake, could according to battery voltage to realize the feedback brake, electric resistance brake, and zero brake automatically conversion.