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Installation Requirements For Supporting Equipment After Tunnel Operation
- Nov 15, 2017 -

installation requirements of the tunnel high pressure 10KV cable;

1, high voltage 10 kv cable tunnel shield from advancing the right direction, introducing along the tunnel wall hook installation, equipped with a homemade iron hook, hook bearing parts wear soft cases, with good insulation cable tie fixed, prevent cable cut.2. Install a high voltage cable link per 1 ring.3. The high voltage cable must be suspended in a curved shape to prevent tension in the cable.4. The battery locomotive coiling of the rear cable of the frame adopts the type 8 type inventory.5. When the shield is in the tunneling, the electrician should always pay attention to the extension of the high voltage cable, timely hook and prevent the clip cable.6. When flushing the pipe, no water shall be splashed into the intermediate joint of the high pressure, which shall be used to protect the joint position of the insulated material to prevent the linens from firing and striking the cable. 


7. In the middle of the high voltage cable, the middle joint of ordinary thermal shrinkage is used.4. Circulating water pipes, installation of sewage pipes, installation of 2 pipe supports for each pipe, and the laying of pipes shall be firmly and reliable.2. All supply and drainage connections shall be sealed and not leaking.3. Circulating water pipes at each 50, 100, 150 rings installed with a butterfly valve in the inlet pipe, which is used to clean the tunnel.Install hose soft joints at every 200 rings or at the corners of the tunnel.4. Install a butterfly valve every 50 rings (50, 100, 150) for maintenance.5. Tunnel ventilation 1. The connection between the air cylinder should be closed and should not be used the damaged air duct.2. The steel wire is fixed on the 12 point pipe bolt, and the duct is mounted with s-type wire.3. The longitudinal duct fixed steel wire should be pulled tight, smooth, and the vertical direction of s-shaped wire shall be bent at 10cm, ensuring that the duct connection is smooth and unwrinkled.

Tunnel installation and related used battery locomtive traction equipment.