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Installation Requirements For Supporting Equipment After Tunnel Operation
- Nov 15, 2017 -

 The installation requirements for the installation of low-voltage cable and optical fiber communication for the installation of tunnel lighting and the extension of high-voltage cable line (A);1. The tunnel cable shall be fully attached to the cable support in accordance with safety regulations and shall be firmly installed with a fixed installation, and the laying shall be smooth and not wound.


2. The single-mode fiber of the tunnel is used to hang the bolt nut of the inner wall of the tube and straighten the nut. Fasten with black tie.3. Power line specification: the power line is in the left side of the tunnel, and the three-phase five-wire cloth is adopted. The wiring is arranged according to red, yellow, green, blue and color from top to bottom. The cable adopts 35mm square copper conductor.4, flare path specification: lighting cable on the left side of the tunnel, the red and blue line layout, using 2.5 mm squared copper wires (flare path without a separate ground, energy-saving lamps without metal case), wiring when considering three-phase equilibrium distribution.5, power distribution cabinet specification: power distribution cabinet every one hundred meters installed a cable transfer as power cables and lighting, power distribution ark need and orbital have repeat grounding, power distribution cabinet to ensure that the leakage of a 100 a as backup, such as temporary welding reinforcing orbit) and 32 a open the lighting.6, support specification: cable bracket processing of 7 layers, each layer of wearing yellow tube to ensure good insulation, cable laying followed by red, yellow, green, blue, the color (power), red, blue (lighting), the bottom cables to go but the height is 2 m (safe distance).7. Specification of lamps and lanterns: 26w energy-saving lamps shall be used, one for each five rings and one for emergency lighting for the other 25 rings.