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How To Build A City Metro Tunnel
- Jan 18, 2018 -

A city tunnel built flow:

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Subway construction is divided into subway station construction and interval construction.

Interval construction with shield and other methods (now domestic popular shield), will not be seen.The construction area of the subway station is large

There are two main types of subway construction, namely, smooth and backward.Some subway station location area is a crossroads, to cut along the way, is the first crossroads around, so we'll see the subway construction of complex traffic channel (digress).After you surround , do the wall first, the water from the water.After that, dig down from the top to down, while digging and simultaneously supporting (against earth pressure) until the depth of the design of the subway station is excavated.Then it starts pouring from the -3  layer (for example), and then the -2, the -1 layer, until the surface, the final cover, the pavement.

So this is the segment, some say that  concrete support tunnel, which is actually made of many segment.

This is a shield machine, which is dug in the front, followed by the tunnel battery locomotive, muck truck and the segment, and the soil is to be topped off with a segment to form tunnel.Many shield after work, in order to promote enterprise and construction schedule, generally there are news reports, such as: tianjin metro line 2, the airport extension line of shield double penetration and tianjin metro line 2, the airport extension line began laying connection airport and the airport.

Although the shield construction mainly in the interval of time used, but the shield need originating in the subway station and accept, so the subway station in construction when begine to construct, all has starting well and receive well, we can see them in the subway station