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How The Subway Tunnel Built For City
- Jul 22, 2017 -

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The subway construction generally have the following ways: excavation method, cover-excavation method and underground method, etc

Excavation method

Excavation method refers to digging the ground, from up to down excavation conditions to designed elevation, from the basement from down to up construction, complete the tunnel main structure, finally backfilling foundation pit or restore the ground construction.

Excavation method is the preferred method of subway construction, where the ground traffic and environment to allow usually adopt excavation method construction.

General subway station often used excavation method, excavation method belong to the deep foundation pit excavation method construction engineering technology. Because the subway engineering generally located in the built-up urban area, and so the major technical problems of the deep foundation pit engineering is that of undisturbed soil around the foundation pit protection, prevent the surface subsidence, reduce the effect on existing buildings. Excavation method construction technique advantage is simple, rapid and economic. But its drawback is obvious, such as blocking traffic for a long time, noise and vibration, the impact on the environment.

Cover excavation method

Cover excavation method is from ground excavation down to a certain depth, will be at the top of the closed, the rest of the project are at the under construction at a closed top cover. The main structure can be in sequence also can be reverse. Has cover in sequence method, cover reverse dig, cover half dig method, etc.

In the busiest area of a city to build the subway station, often take up the road, affect local traffic when the subway station is located in the main road, the traffic can't interrupt, and ensure that traffic not interrupt, and ensure a certain traffic flow, can choose the cover excavation method.

Concealed excavation method

Concealed excavation method is under certain conditions, not digging up the ground, all in underground excavation and build the tunnel lining structure construction force. Concealed excavation method are has many kinds of: drilling and blasting method, shield machine, boring machine, shallow tunnel excavation method, pipe jacking method, immersed tube method, etc.