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How The 45t Diesel Locomotive Can Solve Your Tunnelling Questions
- Jul 27, 2017 -

After transform the diesel locomotive is compare with the battery locomotive:

  1. The safety charactor is improve greatly.

    Has thorougly solve the battery locomotive power blockout and slide phenomenone.

  2. Good economy 

    After cancle the battery, no need the professional charger persons, no need the charging room,only adopt the diesel, compare with the electric the cost is greatly reduced. The comprehensive cost is reduced about 30%.

  3. Good suit performance

    The battery locomotive due to the reserve of electricity are timely change,once the tunnel is long will cann't use. Once happen the short power cut,is very difficult to drag it out. But after transforming the diesel locomotive has solve the above qustions: can realize long time, long distance transport, once short of oil and stop car,and then are very easy to resolve it.

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