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Hot Sale 35t Battery Locomotives For International India Metro Construction Tunnel Railway Supporting Machine
- Apr 26, 2017 -

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The 35t narrow gauge battery locomotive (hereinafter referred to as the electric locomotive)is suit for coal, metallurgy, mining, forest, railway, highway tunnel construction and other industries of explosion-proof transportation traction.

 This electric locomotive main structure is divided into frame, bogie department, braking system, traction drive system and super capacitor module, operation control system and other parts. 

The battery locomotives by super capacitor modules provide direct current, direct current (dc) through the traction converter converts adjustable voltage and frequency of three-phase alternating current to drive the two ac variable frequency traction motor, each rotor of the motor through the universal coupling drive gear reduction gearbox, after the secondary gear transmission to the axle, so as to achieve locomotive traction.

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