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Henan Zhongsui - The Professional Battery Locomotive Supplier In Zhengzhou
- Oct 20, 2017 -

We are professional tunnel battery locomotive supplier in China

Description of traction locomotive function

Since we are one of the professional tunnel battery supplier from China, our tbm battery locomotive are use quality traction type frequency inverter and speed control control system:

As many tunnel battery locomotive suppier, our company developed by our company JXKB ac mine frequency traction battery locomotive has been serialized, its core components use toyo motor manufacturing co., LTD (hereinafter referred to as Oriental company) produced high-quality tbm battery locomotive frequency inverter traction type.For the perceptual load, the inverter has standard sine wave output characteristics. The tbm battery locomotive frequency converter can make the traction motor fully realize its calibration power and torque output, as the tbm battery locomotive motor is used in the power grid, the tbm battery locomotive’s motor does not produce any additional heat and temperature rise. The traction frequency converter of dongyang company has solved the configuration problem of standard variable frequency motor with high standardization degree, easy maintenance and low failure rate in drag field .Our company tunnel battery locomotives are adopt dongyang company inverter to configure the locomotive for 25 years.

Oriental co., LTD. Is a professional railway locomotive vehicle electrical products production enterprises,in the construction of railway and urban rail transit in Japan, Oriental produced the variable frequency traction equipment of the company and its products,has been occupy 70%in the tunnel and railroad construction field has needed to occupy a market share.

Dongyang's inverter has many advantages, such as strong resistance to high humidity, wide temperature range of working environment, large overload capacity, low failure rate and so on. The tunnel tbm battery Locomotive supplier from Zhongsui Engineering speed control system is developed by our company, its main features are: electrical and control safety redundancy measures are complete, strong ability to resist bad environment, system control operation is simple, stable and reliable running etc.

professional manufacture for full range of tunnel machines: tunnel battery locomotive supplier, tunnel diesel electric locomotive supplier, muck car, mortar car, segment car, flat car, man riding car, multi service vehicles, etc.

Weclome your cooperate and become our dealership in local.

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