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Henan Zhongsui 35T Super Capacitor Battery Type Locomotive Main Technical Parameter
- May 03, 2017 -

35T super capacitor battery type locomotive main technical parameter

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Recently, our company are developed and delivery one 35t super capacitor battery type locomotives which developed for our abroad customers, it has charactor of large battery service life, with Locomotive outline dimensions(mm) 7480×1520×2420,Rail Gauge 900/762/600, Locomotive weight 35T.

35T super capacitor battery type locomotive main technical parameter


The   whole machine parameter

Locomotive outline dimensions(mm)


Rail Gauge


Locomotive weight


Adhesion factor


Driving method

AC motor-universal joint-gear reducer-wheel



Starting tractive force


Continuous traction

66KNgradient12‰,speed 9km/h

Traction weight

Greater than 200Tgradient12‰,speed9km/h

Continuous speed

No-load max speed 15kmrated speed 9.0km

Minimum radium of curve


shock absorption way

rubber spring

Overloading gradability


Locomotive control mode

frequency stepless governor

Braking mode

Mechanicalelectricair damping

Braking leverage


Brake valve form

automatically air-cut brake

Braking distance


Emergency braking mode

Air damping+electric braking

Traction pin center line from the track   surface height


Operating mode

Front 5 grade-back 5grade retardance   system