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Hainan First U-shaped Shield Machine Has Been Launched At Haikou Underground Complex
- Oct 20, 2017 -

The first u-shaped shield machine jointly developed by China railway bureau and China railway bureau has been successfully launched in the construction site of the underground comprehensive tunnel of coconut sea in haikou city, Hainan province.It is reported that this u-shaped shield machine is independently developed by China, which can be widely used in the construction fields such as precast pipe gallery, comprehensive pipeline laying, underground passage and rain water tank culvert.

Haikou underground comprehensive tunnel project is the first pilot underground pipe corridor project in China, and is the largest one pipe gallery in the country. At present, the second phase is under construction and the first phase has been completed.

It is reported that the urban underground comprehensive tube corridor u-shield construction method is the first application in China.The u-shaped shield is 12.9 meters wide, 9.2 meters wide and 9.4 meters high. It can realize automation, intellectualization and construction of remote control information operation in the process of advancing, excavating, lining and assembling."Using u-shield construction can reduce the construction waste and construction material turnover, effectively improve the construction environment and promote the construction of site civilization."China railway four bureau of haikou canal corridor third project department project manager Anjian jian said.At 100 meters comprehensive utility tunnel construction as an example, the traditional construction method need 30 workers a month or so to complete, and comprehensive utility tunnel construction technique using the U shield only seven or eight workers, more than 10 days can finish engineering.

According to the general office of the state council on promoting the construction of urban underground pipe gallery guidance ", by 2020, our country should build a batch of internationally advanced levels of the underground pipe rack and put into operation, digging the ground again and again "the zipper" problem will be obviously solved, pipeline safety levels and disaster prevention relief capacity improved significantly, gradually eliminate main street spider web type overhead lines, the city ground landscape improved markedly.

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