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Earth Pressure Balanced Shield Machine With Our Narrow Gauge Tunnel Battery Locomotive
- Oct 20, 2017 -

Earth pressure balanced shield machine with our narrow gauge tunnel battery locomotive

For soft soil and viscous soil, it is the best choice to use earth pressure to support tunneling machine.The so-called earth pressure balanced shield machine (EPB) will make a paste from the dregs, as a soft plastic support medium.In this way, the soil pressure can be balanced to prevent the soil from being uncontrollably entered into the equipment, so as to create conditions for rapid tunneling under the condition of minimum settlement.

Through supporting pressure to reach the shield face stability

The soil pressure balanced shield machine is character by the direct use of excavated residue as a supporting medium.This method is the first choice for clay and silty soil with low permeability and low permeability.A rotary knife with a tool is used to cut and dig the soil.The residual soil is entered into the excavation chamber through the opening of the knife plate and mixed with the existing paste residue in the excavation chamber.The mixing arm mounted on the cutter plate and the bunker pressure panel is stirred to the residue to achieve the desired texture.The pressure panel will push the thrust of the cylinder to the plasterer in the excavation chamber.When the pressure of soil in the excavation chamber is equal to that of the surrounding soil and groundwater, the necessary earth pressure balance is achieved.

The pressure condition is controlled by the speed of the screw conveyor and the forward velocity of the soil pressure balance shield

The spiral conveyor will excavate the bottom of the warehouse and transfer to the belt conveyor.Through the interaction between the speed of the screw conveyor and the velocity of the soil pressure balance shield, the support pressure of the paste residue can be precisely controlled.The balance in the excavation can be continuously monitored by the soil pressure sensor.As a result, earth pressure balanced shield machine operator even under the condition of the geological conditions are constantly changing, can fine tune all the tunneling parameters, so as to achieve a high driving speed, and minimise the risk of surface uplift or subsidence

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