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DPC 45t Battery Locomotive's Main Parts Introductions Use For Metro Constructions
- May 15, 2017 -

Henan Zhongsui mainly produce factory price of Battery locomotive, diesel-electric locomotives, muck car, mortar vehicles, segment car, flat car, personnel car, etc tunneling engineering.

1. traction damping device

As the locomotive without bogie running, so the car body and running part connection adopt V type rubber spring, the car body straddle on the 4 group V type rubber spring outside, another side connect with the the axle box. This car body through the rubber spring support on the axle box , V rubber spring passed longitudinal traction, braking force and lateral force, at the same time play a damping role on the vertical, horizontal and lengthways three directions damping role. The V type rubber spring structure is simple, weight is light, less maintenance, the service life can beMore than 500000 km.

2.Wheel set and axle box

Running wheel is the most important part of the locomotive, it consists of axle, wheel and tire,

Wheel series adopts Φ 840 mm diameter of the wheel, wheel tread adopt  the GB4695-84 "the narrow gauge locomotive wheel rim tread” type B tread shape size.

The locomotive axle adopt no guide frame tape-roller bearing, the axle lubrication adopt type I lithium lubricating grease and oil quantity equivalent of axle box 1/3 to 1/2 of the internal clearance volume

3.  the braking system

Locomotive conventional brake is electric brake, to meet the locomotive traction transportation safety and reliable, also set the air brake.

4. Locomotive electric braking

The driver control personnel to master the handwheel counterclockwise, vehicle deceleration into electric braking, when the dc voltage less than battery rated 540V of 120% (650 v), is the regenerative braking, the feedback current charging for the battery. When dc voltage is greater than 650 v is resistance braking, the feedback current through braking resistance dissipation.

5. Air brake system, foundation brake system

a. air brake system

Locomotive conventional braking is energy feedbake and resistance braking, to satisfy locomotive traction transportation safety and reliability, the locomotive is also equipped with air brake system.

The locomotive air brake system consists of air compressor, air cylinder, one-way valve, oil water separator, one-way valve, brake control valve, relay valve, parking vehicle valve, auxiliary reservoir, brake cylinder, etc.

This locomotive provide wind source compressor is: W - 0.6/8 air compressor, air volume: 0.6 m,3/min.