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DPC-45t Battery Locomotive Main Working Principles And Battery Box Information Introduction
- May 16, 2017 -

45T Battery powered locomotive main parameters:

(1) Working principle

45t battery powered Locomotive is powered by batteries, the dc electric through converter inverter into voltage and tunable frequency three phase current, supply to two parallel AC traction motor, in the control circuit by the driver given instruction of the direction command and control Instruction, through converter and actuator on-off for pressure regulating, frequency control traction motor, make it satisfy the output control locomotive’s traction performance’s torque and rotate speed.

(2) Main loop

The main loop is consists of battery,  dc circuit breaker, braking resistor, current transformer, three-phase ac asynchronous traction motor. Its working  principle is as follows: when the locomotive in ready condition, the electricity  through the resistor R1 to have battery charging to converter smoothing, when delayed, the touch light-activated thyristor SCR breakover. Later, in a certain control mode,transducer make the dc inverter into three-phase alternating current(ac).

(3). Control circuit

Control loop consists of controller, inverter, controller, etc. The locomotive control system main functions are:

Forward and backward control functions; braking energy feedback and dissipation function;point move function;emergency braking functionmain and auxiliary driver’s room control interlock function.

(4) secondary circuit

Locomotive auxiliary power supply adopts dc transform method, through one switch power supply, get subsidiary loop DC24V power. Used for locomotive lighting, signal, locomotive speed detection and display, etc.

4. Battery group

Is composed by three battery box, each battery box install 90 section 2 v D - 620 type traction battery. Battery group output DC540V and DC24 V two voltage levels, respectively used for main circuit, converter, air compressor motor and air compressor control, electronic control, lighting, signal, locomotive speed detection and display, etc.

Through nearly one year development and manufacture, now 45t shield locomotive has been put into market, the market response is good, but there are also some shortcomings, the subsequent design and manufacture are gradual improvement.

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