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Diesel Locomotive's Operation Table Button Displaying And Function
- Aug 31, 2017 -

Diesel electric locomotive's Work station operation of the control button is as follows:

Stop button: when the stop button is pressed for self-locking, reset back right.Stop button is pressed, the locomotive will with the fastest speed control motor, deceleration starting gas road parking brake at the same time, and report to the police.Please careful operation, prevent accident!

Key switch: the key switch at the stop position, will cut off main power supply control system, PLC and screen stop working, and braking gas road parking due to power outages.Only when the key switch in position to start, the system to work normally.

Control gear lever: start from zero, the operator in turn forward to advance 1 to 5, back to back from 1 to 5 in turn. Regardless of the forward and backward from 1 to 5, in theory, the corresponding locomotive speed as described above. Forward gear and backward gear must gear after zero, when switching between control handle at the time of zero gear will produce mechanical locking, must press the button on the handle to switch to the other driving gear.

Button: light lamp switch into headlights, headlight, dome light and warning light switch.They are self-locking type button, or press after conduction, and the corresponding button light is lit up, press close again.

Fan button: same as the light switch, press when the fan starts, press close again.

Horn button: for point control button, press the start, loosen or shut down.

Reset button: when the locomotive system in at run time meet with all kinds of fault condition, the locomotive will not be able to continue running. Find out and, if the side by side in addition to the cause of the problem, should press the reset button, touch screen, frequency converter, PLC, such as system will be reset operation, to restore the locomotive running. But if before pressing the reset is not excluded the corresponding fault, press the reset button will not be able to make the engine start anew.

Alarm buzzer: when a fault alarm information, buzzer flash and sound, until there is no any alarm;

Neutral: when the gear lever in the neutral operation the neutral light is lit up.

Slowly into, slowly back button: point move stop button,during press the forward or backward, the diesel train engine locomotive are accordingly forward and backward, generally at when the diesel electric locomotive speed very slow to use.