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CPC 45t Battery Locomotive Brief Introduction For Tunnel And Metro Constructions
- May 15, 2017 -

Compressed air compressor exhaust compressed air through oil-water separator to eliminate moisture, dust and oil greasy send to main air reservoir, automatic brake valve is the operating unit of the whole braking device, this locomotive used draftmeter: duplex pressure gauge, pressure gauge red needle place the exponential value is brake cylinder pressure, relieve state value is zero, the black needle pointed value is locomotive brake system pressure, normally is  600 kpa; Single needle pressure gauge, gauge pressure index value is total air cylinder pressure, normal circumstances is 700 ~ 800 kpa.

Linked to the locomotive’s vehicle brake system, use double pipeline brake principle. Control pipe joint and the locomotive soft pipe hose union 3 connection; loading line joint and locomotive tube flexible union 2 connect.

If the user’s locomotive is single pipe feeding brake, without modification, brake pipe joints can be connected to the locomotive hose union 1.

Double line brake braking principle compare with single tube brake, has following advantages:

1)     If the locomotive is walking on the road, if the vehicle traction pin is falls off, connect air hose brake disconnected, or the pipe joint is fall off(leak), the locomotive can brake itself.

2)     During the long slope process, can overcome because the frequent brake, cause the locomotive supply gas time and supply gas reduce, resulting the quick decline on the air pressure.

3)     Can overcome single line braking existing braking and remove braking, locomotive braking lag. That is when brake vehicle bump locomotive, and when remove braking the vehicles been slipping and towed.

4)     Each vehicle can alone parking brake, so that can separate parking on the ramp.

b. Foundation brake

Locomotive foundation brake adopt wheel tread brake, its structure type is independent single side brake. Its character is each structure is simple, easy to check and repair. Foundation braking device is composed by the braking cylinder, linkage device, brake support and brake shoe, brake shoe clearance adjustment, etc. Each wheels side has one braking unit. When braking, compressed air driven hook arm and through the lever mechanism make the shoe arms round generate braking effect.