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China Zhongsui tunneling 16m3 muck vehicles for tunnelling TBM supporting equipments
- Mar 21, 2017 -

Muck car is the direct carrier of the muck, when design should follow the following points:  

(1) the muck car must have a certain stiffness and strength, to ensure not occur deformation and fracture when gantry crane lifting, at the same time also can't design overweight, otherwise, will cause the design of gantry crane more than 45 t;

(2) Muck car bucket and chassis must be relatively independent two parts, so that the gantry crane lifting only hoist the bucket, and the chassis is not lift at the same time;

(3) Five muck car’s capacities must ensure that one-time loading each ring digging capacity.

(4) design muck car width shall not exceed the shield inside max. width limit, which is 1600 mm, and has a certain amount of surplus;

(5) turning radius shall not be greater than 25 m;

(6) Muck car length and mortar vehicle and segment car need considered at the same time, the whole train’s length can't exceed of shield machine inside horizontal belt conveyor limit length, otherwise, the last section of muck car will not be able to ship out the soil;

Each ring the maximum soil loading capacity is:

V = PI/D2 * L = PI / 4 * 4 * 6.252 * 1.5 = 45.99m3

D as the diameter, L for the segment width;

According to the domestic each construction of metro city regional geology, muck expansion coefficient is between 1.2-1.9, we take 1.5, so each ring unearthed amount is about 45.99 m3 x 1.5 = 69 m3, considering that should have a certain amount of surplus, each section of muck car design as 17 m3, that each train can deliver 17 x 5 = 75 m3;

For every train has five muck cars, two segment cars and one mortar vehicle, according to each train shall not exceed the level of the shield machine 49m, and combined with segment car, mortar vehicle’s length, the distance between each quarter car is 650 mm, soil car for shield construction machine internal width limit is 1600 mm, so get 1500 mm;

Comprehensive above factors and combining with segment car and muck car design, determine the muck truck design size is length x width x height = 6259 mm * 1500 mm * 2399 mm;

(7) Considering the muck car should smoothly unload the soil when the gantry crane hoisted tilted, so in the both end of the muck car are separately designed the lifting axle and eccentric shaft .

Henan Zhongsui Tunnelling muck car for metro locomotive traction muck car