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China Zhongsui Shield Supporting Equipment For Shield Tunnel Boring Machine Use
- Jun 08, 2017 -

Shield supporting equipment (starting stage, counterforce frame, steel sheets, gantry crane, etc.) business contact Jessie 18839791893

Shield machine

The full name of shield tunnel boring machine, is specially professional tunneling engineering machinery, modern shield tunnelling machine integrates light, ,machine, electricity, liquid, sensing, information technology as one organic whole, have function of soil excavation of cutting, conveying soil crusts, assembly tunnel lining, measure orientation deviation,involving geological, civil, mechanical,dynam, hydraulic, electrical, control and measurement many disciplines,and should be carried out in accordance with the different geological "tailored" type of design and manufacturing, high reliability requirements.Shield tunnelling machine has been widely used in the subway, railway, highway tunnel engineering, municipal, water and electricity, tunnel engineering, etc.

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