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China's Contractor Tunnel Boring Machine Operation Caused Widespread Concern In Nepal
- Jan 16, 2018 -

we are the tunnel traction locomotives manufacturer, and muck car, mortar transport car, segment car, flat car, menrider car, with high quality, reasonable price. Our 45t battery locomotives has export to Malaysia for metro, subway, tunnel construction!

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The project of Barry Papay water diversion tunnel constructed by Chinese enterprises in Nepal introduced tunnel boring machine (TBM) for tunnel excavation for the first time and caused local people to visit.

The project TBM tunnelling machine excavation speed, high efficiency, not only for the development of Nepal to bring acceleration, but also to attract local tourists to visit, to contribute to the tourism industry. ThE Project personnel introduce about 100 people a day to visit the tunnelling construction site, the number of public holidays to visit 500 people, the project side to arrange a dedicated guide to visit. The site of the project has become a study place for tunnel construction professionals. There are continuous teachers and students from engineering institutes, project contracting companies and investment traders who came to study in the field. Some other project development companies are also studying the introduction of TBM construction. 

Barry Papay diversion tunnel total length of 12 kilometers, has been dug 1200 meters. The Nigerian project staff said the project is progressing satisfactorily and will be completed by March 2020 if the work progresses.

We are provide the corresponding tunnelling towing machinery, like 

Battery locomotives: our company produced metro and tunnel used battery powered locomotives horizontal transport vehicles in two forms: battery locomotives and diesel locomotives, mainly 25T, 35T, 45T, 50T, 55T and other forms of sticky weight. It is suitable for coal, metallurgy, mining, forest, railway, road tunnel construction and other industries such as narrow-gauge railway surface non-explosion-proof places such as transport traction

Mortar cars

Mortar cars or boxes are driven either electrically,or pneumatically in combination with diesel or battery. The variety in size and capacities is extremely high and flexible. The adaptation to back-up and other equipment is our company standard.

Flat Cars

Zhongsui delivers all flat car designs according to specific requirements in respect of load dimensions and weight in 2-axle-version or in bogie version. Capacities up to 50 tons.


The standard design is a 4-wheel-menrider car with individual seats, sliding doors and front-end flap openings for emergency reasons. The cars are designed and built for 8, up to 30 men.

The same facilities are available as a menbox to be carried on top of flat cars.

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