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China Good Quality Diesel Locomotives Professional Manufacturer
- Nov 20, 2017 -

Diesel locomotive is take diesel VOLVO generator as power source, through AC-DC-AC frequency conversion, narrow gauge used mechanical electric diesel locomotive, it used for tunnel, metro , subway tunneling construction traction, of shield back-up machinery.

* Double-side brake shoes

* Two steps deadman switch to activate both eclectrical brake and air brake

* Speed meter & milelage meter

* Mini fan in driver's cab

* Sanding system for wet track conditions

* Warning light

* Wilson Coupling

* Air brake and fail safe spring loaded brake

* Fire extingurisher

* 2 set of CCTV system, wireless control with monitor

We offer a range of solutions to the tunnel industry, including Battery Locomotive, diesel locomotive, muck cars, mortar car,traction transmission system, battery case, operation control system, Traffic Control Systems, Traction Battery Chargers, AC Locomotive Controllers, Auto Re-Closers, Remote Control Systems for Locomotives etc.