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​Chengdu Metro Line 18 Starts With A Large Diameter Big MAC Shield Machine Out Of The Hole
- May 02, 2018 -

Chengdu metro line 18 starts with a large diameter "big MAC" shield machine out of the hole.

On the evening of April 29, 22 am, by the China hydropower construction 7 bureau of chengdu metro line 18 first starting large diameter shield shield machine (5 shield machine) reached between the shield interval of 2 standard sea wind well.It lasted 14 months, and the "jiaolong" broke through the hole and rumbled loudly. It was the most beautiful hymn to the May Day holiday.

According to the project director Zhang Zhen, shihai shield interval Yu Haichang road station at last century city station, total length of 6327 meters, the area between the tunnel along the tianfu avenue east due north direction outspread, along the densely populated, traffic.Line 18 civil 2 standard project department overcome difficult challenge, move on, for the first time to the introduction of the continuous slag process of belt conveyor in chengdu subway construction, at the same time, to overcome the low gas tunnel construction, the surrounding environment adverse factors, such as complex success through compound formation (upper sand pebble lower in weathered sandstone formation), a full face of weathered mudstone are about operation of metro line 1 and line tunnel and a series of major hazards.

Next, 5 of shield machine also labelled by 2 middle wind Wells, from the north end of David originating continue heading north, will eventually through the jinjiang (major workplace risk source), reaching 1 standard intermediate wind Wells, and the remaining three victory shield institutions stationed, the successful completion of it all in chengdu metro line 18 mission