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Brief Introduction Of Narrow Gauge Battery Locomotive,muck car,mortar vehicles
- Mar 31, 2017 -

In recent years, with the development of city construction by leaps and bounds, the subway as a city’s nameplate, more and more get people's attention, all cities are scrambling to build their own city subway system. In currently subway construction, the muck transport car matched with shield tunneling, is also one of the key equipment of subway construction.

Muck car bears the muck transporting out, and segment and mortar transport in important tasks. If this link happen problems, will cause the entire construction line can’t work smoothly. At present, all muck car usually use the locomotives traction, but due to the battery locomotives will appear the low working efficiency, can’t long-distance traction, blockout and sliding, the battery using cycle is short, charging is tedious, high maintenance costs, directly affect the construction progress. The upgrade of locomotives is common requirement for many construction units.

Zhongsui 8m3 muck car for tunnelling engineering constructions

Narrow battery locomotives remould, is Zhongsui company according to the battery using status of traction locomotive, and combined with our company traction locomotive low pollution mechanical and electrical products; Under the condition of without changing the original car body structure, full developed satisfied narrow gauge electrical tunnel locomotives matching product.