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Brief Analysis Of Narrow-gauge Tunnel Battery Locomotive
- Sep 01, 2017 -

In recent years, with the rapid development of urban construction, the subway as the nameplate of a city, has received more and more attention, and cities are rushing to build their own subway system. In the current subway construction, matched with boring machine muck transport locomotive, it is also one of the key equipment in subway construction.

The muck car transportation tunnel battery locomotivebear the muck transport out, segment and mortar transport in important tasks. If in this link happened problems, will cause the whole construction line paralyzed. At present, the muck car widely used battery locomotive traction, but due to the battery locomotive in process of application, will appear low working efficiency, and can't long-distance traction, blackout power slide, car battery charged using cycle is short,charging is tedious, high maintenance costs defect. Directly affect the construction progress. It is a common requirement for many construction units to upgrade the battery powered locomotive. The transformation of the narrow-gauge locomotive, is Zhongsui Engineering Co., Ltd. According to tunnel current battery powered locomotives use situation, and combining with our company's low-pollution electromechanical battery locomotive; In the case of not changing the original battery locomotive body structure, designed to meet the requirements of the construction unit of a narrow gauge electromechanical diesel locomotive product.

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