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Beijing Subway Universal Studios Station Main Seal
- May 29, 2018 -

On May 22, universal theme park and resort in cultural tourist area in Beijing tongzhou project, by universal studios iron 2 bureaus in engineering co., LTD. Construction of subway station, smooth caps over 511 working days.Marks the beginning of "the dream" the station of the main structure made substantial breakthrough, the steel structure, curtain wall, and in the will to decorate construction, for the metro line 7 east extension trial operation by the end of next year to lay the foundation.

Universal studios subway station is metro line 7 south east extension and metro batong line parallel transfer station, is also a universal theme park's main entrance in the future, as a universal theme park three-dimensional transportation hub city transport infrastructure, the site's main location is directly serve the universal theme park built in 2020.Universal theme park is completed, the site can not only improve traffic security ability, can also strengthen the financial street, CBD (business center), and other key functional areas with Beijing city vice center of rapid rail transit feeder.The station is a double-island platform station with a total length of 347.8 meters and a width of 61.7 meters.The reporter sees in the scene, the worker is intense construction, finished the last part of the work of steel and concrete pouring, the main structure seal is finished smoothly.

It is reported that the design scheme of the station, "the place where dreams begin", is a joint project of Beijing municipal engineering design and research institute, AREP of France and Beijing hongdu academy.With the theme of "dream", the scheme integrates the elements of the future of Chinese ink painting and science fiction.The scheme adopts the concept of landscape architecture and integrates the subway architecture into the environment to create a sense of experience consistent with the theme park.The station hall is on the same plane as the outdoor space. When tourists leave the station hall, they can come to the park sunken square on both sides of the north and south.Metro station for four stops surface disperse passenger flow, layout of 400 multiple gate entrance, combining two subway lines provide capacity, can deal with 40000 people per hour instantaneous large passenger flow, is three times as many ordinary subway station.

"Since the start of the subway universal studios station on December 28, 2016, it has taken 511 working days and achieved the top sealing of the main structure on May 22.It means that the construction of reinforced concrete has been completed, but it doesn't mean that universal studios station has been completed.Introduction to kong hong, engineer of east extension project of line 7 of Beijing rail transit construction management co., LTD.

Metro line 7 east extension line laying in chaoyang, tongzhou two city, is an important backbone across south Beijing east-west lines, including 9 from coking plant station to east station 9 interval, "at present, we have achieved our caps, a range of four station, extending for line 7 east since the end of next year to realize laid the foundation for universal theme park opened ready."At present, the project is still designed and constructed in accordance with the design plan "where the dream begins," kong said, without any adjustment.