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Beijing's Largest Diameter Shield Tunneling Jingzhang High-speed Railway Qinghua Yuan Tunne Opened.
- Mar 19, 2018 -

Qinghua tunnel, the total length of 5.33 km, along the old Beijing railway tunneling, from the Beijing north station located in xizhimen, gradually into the underground, evaded the Beijing north station to qinghe this piece of ground traffic the busiest road.Parallel to subway line 13. continuous wear north third ring road, zhichun road , subway line 10, the north, chengfu, tsinghua east road, across on the underground metro line 15, in the south of wan quan river turned out of the ground, and then the wear rings along the wire both Beijing north towards the north.The huayun tunnel is a single-hole double-wire shield tunnel. It is constructed with two mud water balance shield machines with a diameter of 12.2 meters. This is the largest shield tunnel in Beijing so far.The construction of the qinghua yuan tunnel was started yesterday, and the construction equipment is being adjusted, and the demolition work of the track ballasts and guardrons of the jingzhang line is being carried out, according to the construction company.All demolition work is expected to be completed within 15 days. The tunnel will start piling up on November 20, and the construction of the tunnel will be fully carried out at the end of November.Although the top speed of the high-speed railway in Beijing is 350 kilometers per hour, the specific driving speed will be divided into sections considering the special circumstances of different sections.For the underground section of the five rings, the train will be kept within 120 kilometers per hour.By the end of 2019, it is expected to open to traffic.Zhang Gaotie in the future, Beijing will also be tang and the Beijing and tianjin, Beijing, China intercity, beijing-shenyang passenger designed inter-city rail network of capital, such as wire operation between a certain number of intercity trains across the line, the future will also be extended to Hohhot, baotou, lanzhou.