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Beijing Metro Line 17 Will Start
- May 17, 2018 -

The subway line 17, which connects the north and south through the capital city, will become a "fast and direct line" connecting the central city and the future science city and yizhuang. The relevant person in charge of city rail company line on May 10, 17, has achieved comprehensive construction, will be in the future science city in the southern district of new transportation hub station, wangjing west railway station, optimize the key areas of public transport passenger flow organization.

Line 17 has two stations in the future science city, namely the southern district station and the north district station. Among them, the south district station which is under construction will build a transportation hub of about 14,000 square meters.
The city rail company responsible for the introduction, the hub is all in the underground, three floors: underground three underground railway station, underground two bus station, underground one floor for commercial facilities.
And dongzhimen transport hub, such as future academic city hub of the relatively small, in addition to the metro line 17, mainly provide transfer function of the subway and bus service science city in the future. The transport hub is scheduled to be completed with the metro station.
Another transportation hub on line 17 is the long-planned wangjingxi hub. At present, no. 13 and no. 15 are in sight of Beijing west station, especially after the opening of line 15, there are more and more calls to open and build transportation hubs.

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