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Comparision Working Between The TBM Earth Pressure Balance Shield And Soil Mud Shield Machinery
- Jun 08, 2017 -

Mud type of shield machine through pressurized mud or mud (usually a bentonite suspension) to stabilize the excavation face, there is a seal plate behind the knife dish, and the excavation face formed a mud room,inside is mud, excavation soil and mud mixed by pump delivered to hole outside separation plant, after the separation the mud can repeated use.Earth pressure balanced shield machine is take the earth material (when it is necessary to add foam to improve the soil) as a stable excavation surface medium, the knife back clapboard and the excavation face form an soil room, when the knife rotate excavating make the muck increase,then through the rotating belt transporter to transport the soil out,soil room pressure can be adjusted by knives rotating excavation speed and spiral output device unearthed amount(rotation speed) adjusted.According to the different classification of shield machine, shield excavation method can be divided into: open, mechanical cutting type, format and extrusion type, etc.In order to reduce the disturbance to the formation of shield construction, can firstly with the help of jack drive its cutter into the soil, and then in the soil excavation and transport.

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