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The Tunnel Boring Machine Supporting Machinery Supplier And Manufacturer In China
- Jun 08, 2017 -

The basic working principle of shield machine is a cylinder steel components move forward along the tunnel axis side to dig soil.The cylinder shell that is shield component, it is plays a temporary supporting role for the lining of tunnel section of excavated, bear the pressure of the surrounding soil, sometimes also bear the underground water and keep the ground water out.Excavate,row soil and lining process under the cover of a shield.It is understood that the amount of tunneling construction by shield method is accounted for 45% of total city subway construction, at present a total of 17 for subway construction of shield machine.Although shield machine of the high cost of the subway underground running efficiency can be improved for 8 to 10 times, and in the process of construction, the ground without large demolition, don't block the traffic, construction noise, ground subsidence, do not affect people's normal life.However, large shield machine technology added value is high, the manufacturing process is complex, only a few companies from the Europe and the United States and Japan in the 

world to the development and production.

According to the working principle of shield machine generally divided into hand dug type shield, extrusion type shield, half mechanical shield (partial pressure, global air pressure), mechanical shield (open thoracic cutting shield, pneumatic type of shield, mud pressure shield, earth pressure balance shield, hybrid shield, alien shield).

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