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6340 Shield Back Supporting Machinery Of Battery Locomotive
- Jun 28, 2017 -

6340,6450,6950 shield back-up supporting machinery

Henan Zhongsui Engineering Equipment is professional manufacture tunnel construction 

rail transport machinery equipment,tunnel boring machinery support battery powered locomotive, diesel type locomotive, 18m3 muck car, 8m3 mortar vehicle, 15t segment car,etc

Shield   project

Battery locomotive configuration

Komatsu Shield 6340excavation diameter 6340mmsegment outer   diameter6200mminner diameter 5500mm, width 1200mm, gradient 2.5%

45T   battery locomotive    1

6  box battery

18m³muck car     3

8m³ mortar vehicle    1

15t   segment car    2

Charger       3

6450 Derrick, excavation diameter 6450mm,segment   outer diameter 6200mm,inner diameter 5500mm,width 1200,gradient of 2.5%

45T   battery locomotive   1

6   box battery

18m³ muck car     4

8m³ mortar vehicle    1

15t   segment car    2

Charger      3

6950 Derrick, excavation diameter 6950mm,segment   outer diameter 6700, inner diameter 6000,width 1500mm gradient 2.6

50T   battery locomotive   1

6   box battery

18m³ muck car    5

8m³ mortar vehicle   1

15t   segment car    2

Charger       3