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45T Diesel Locomotive's Charactor Used For Large TBM Supporting Machinery
- Jul 14, 2017 -

NJC - 45 internal combustion diesel locomotive is take the diesel engine unit as a power source, cross - straight - AC frequency conversion drive, the narrow gauge mine explosion-proof diesel locomotive (hereinafter referred to as the locomotive).It is applicable to coal, metallurgy, mining, forest, railway, highway tunnel construction industry such as narrow gauge railway transport ground of explosion-proof places traction.

NJC - 45 diesel powered locomotive, supplied ac by diesel generating sets and alternating current (ac) by traction of frequency exchanger convert into adjustable three-phase alternating current for two ordinary three-phase asynchronous traction motor, each rotor of the motor through the universal coupling drive gear reduction gearbox, after the secondary gear transmission to the axle, thus traction locomotive.

Locomotive main structure is divided into the body, walking device, air brake system, transmission system, internal combustion engine unit, the electric braking unit and brake resistance, sound purification system, control system, air compressor system and other parts.


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