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45t Diesel Electric Locomotive Main Advantages For Export Tunnel Construction Project
- Jul 15, 2017 -

Henan Zhongsui Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd are professional manufacture all kinds of battery locomotive, diesel locomotive, tunnel muck car, tunnel mortar vehicles, metro segment car, etc with 25 years, our diesel locomotive has cleam emission, low operating cost, safet, simple operation, convenient maintenance and , long service life.

Our company 45t diesel locomotive’s main advantage

1 All imported Volvo electronic fuel injection engine, precious metal accelerant tail gas treatment device, the exhaust emissions reached standrized discharge.

2. New remote control technology, when close the working face, from driver operation change into ground people control, thoroughly avoid train collision accident,not use interphone,humanized operation;

3. Has multiplex monitor,to ensure the safety car running

4. has the function of anti lethargy, to ensure the safety of nigh shift

5. has variety of anti slide function, ensure all kinds of condition will not slide

6. The dynamic is big, large traction

7. PLC intelligence and frequency control, operation is stable and reliable.