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45t Battery Locomotive Used For Tunnel Construction Parameters
- Aug 04, 2017 -

45t battery locomotive for tunnelling constrcution project supporting machinery charactors:


45t tunnel battery locomotive is a dc-ac transmission, narrow gauge mining and tunnelling, metro, subway used electric locomotive, it mainly applyable for coalmine industry, metallurgy industry, mining industry,forest, railway, highway tunnel industry narrow gauge non-explosion places transport and traction.

45t battery locomotive is by the accumulator box to supply dc, dc current through traction convertor transform to adjustable electric current and frequency three-phase ac current to supply 2 ac squirrel cage induction motor,each motor rotor through coupling to drive the gear reducer transmission box, through secondary gear speed reducer transmit to the car axle, then to drive the tunnel locomotives.

45t battery locomotive min. curve radius: 25m

45t battery powered locomotive shock resistance method: runnber spring

Heavy load  gradient: 35‰.

The 45t battery locomotive control way: inverter speed control

The 45t battery locomotive braking method: electric brake and air brake

The 45t battery locomotive barking leverage: 4.23

The 45t battery locomotive braking valve form: air cut brake

The 45t battery locomotive braking distance: 18meters(when 20km/h)