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35T Battery Locomotives For Tunnel Construction's Main Charactors And Order
- Apr 27, 2017 -

1.1 All voltage feedback braking control technology (patent), cancel the braking energy.

1.2 Import excellent imported frequency converter, motor running without harmonic component, without additional heating and temperature rise, low fault rate and the locomotive traction efficiency is high, energy saving obviously, motors and batteries service life is relatively extend.

1.3 the most reasonable voltage configuration, once charging battery locomotive running miles is long, locomotive traction on 30 ‰ slope running mileage greater than 60 km.

1.4 with functions of real-time detection of the wheel brake shoe failure, the test results have failure indication and alarm.

1.5 anti slip brake technology (patent) : driving is spare brake brake, the brake capability is equal to the locomotive brake shoe brake capability. Anti-running car brake has nothing to do with orbital medium factors, is for locomotives equipped with emergency case With the brake shoe brake device, the device is mature technology, greatly improve the safety of locomotive performance metrics.

1.6 to prevent the battery over discharge control technology: accurate battery has the remaining 10% is given, to ensure that the locomotive can run normally to replace the battery, inhibit the over discharge of the battery, ensure the normal use.

1.7 battery low locomotive self-help techniques.

1.8 the same tonnage or different tonnage locomotive traction technology, set up large tonnage and the formation of larger tonnage traction locomotive model, and the implementation under the big, long ramp, heavy-load transportation construction efficiency.