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8m3 Tunnel Muck Car

The muck car is design for the tunnel support machine for ac locomotives, for transport soil, gravel and slurry out of the tunnel during shield construct. it consists of 8m3,15m3,18m3,22m3. The muck car has muck bucket, chasis, and bogie, brake device, etc. Has rotate chasis, good security,high reliability, clean discharge, two discharge model.

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8m3 Muck Car


8m3 Tunnel muck car is use for tunnelling slurry and muck transport tunnel towing machine. Main has bucket, chasis, bogie, brake system. On both ends install traction pin or wilson coupling connection device, for connecting with battery powered locomotive. Capacity 8m3,15m3,18m3,and 22m3.

Muck car for the ac frequency conversion of battery locomotive supporting equipment, muck car is suitable for the underground railway highway tunnel construction and other industries, as auxiliary equipment in the construction process of shield machine,in the shield construction transporte the muck and slurry, has a small turning radius good safety reliability two discharge modes, etc

Technical illustrate:

(1) bogie

Bogie is the muck car walk system, each muck car has two bogies. The bogie consists by two side frame, one beam, two pairs wheel, four group spring, two brake cylinder. When muck car running, it through center plate rotate, spring damping. The brake is exhaust brake,when the locomotive pipe pressure is o, the brake shoe through the brake cylinder's brake spring, via leverage has brake,when the locomotive pipe pressre is 0.4MPa, the brake shoe remission.

(2) Chasis

The muck car chasis through connection by foundation bolt and bogie center plate, easy to disassemble.

(3) Bucket

The bucket and the chasis through one pit box location, hence could hoist directly, easy to discharge,capacity is 15m³.


* Rotate chasis

* Exhaust brake

* Small turning radius,high security

* running stable, two discharge mode, clean discharging ratio.

Technical data:



Model, specification


Appearance dimension(length*width*height)


The total capacity of


Vehicle weight t


Gauge mm


Wheelbase of bogiemm


Center plate wheelbase


Wheel diameter


Body weight
(bucket weight) t


Traction height



The minimum curvature radium


Vehicle braking mode

Exhaust brake, dual line air braking

Shock absorbing mode

Cylindrical helical compression spring damping mode