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Multi Service Vehicle

The Vehicle Multi-Service (MSV) is a low-bed vehicle used for different jobs on construction sites, like carrying sleepers, rail material, concrete mixers, and more. Several configurations can be provided.The MSV is fitted with two control cabins, one in front and one in rear. All 4 wheels are steering, thus conferring a high flexibility in maneuvering the vehicle.The vehicle can run both on road and on railway.

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Multi service vehicle


MSVs are multi-service vehicles designed to transport heavy loads in complex and narrow environments. According to the customer needs, a MSV can transport precast elements, grout tanks, material platforms, personnel modules etc. It can be designed from a single tractor to a tractor with several trailers. Each MSV product has the same type of coding name including the payload, type of MSV, width.

Application: unlike rolling stock, MSVs do not require rails, saving a huge amount of time and money in the setup and cleaning of rails on the jobsite. mainly transportation segments, box culvert, mortar, hanging basket and personnel etc.This series of vehicles has the characteristics of two-way driving, narrow width, low platform, high speed and strong climbing ability.Has been successfully used in Shanghai Yangtze river tunnel, Nanjing Yangtze river tunnel, shenzhen, guangzhou, Hong Kong special passenger line of large diameter tunnel project and shenhua shendong fill east tower 2 auxiliary level hole, the middle Yellow River diversion project bid TBM2 tunnel light medium and small diameter big slope tunnel project.DCS series of tunnels special vehicles are divided into three types according to the diameter and the type of transportation.


Motor power
Drive mode
Spring steel plate
Tyre model
Driving direction
two way
Speed changing box
Hydraulic transmission box+automatic(Infinite)
Steering system
Brake type
air+air cut brake


a) adopt the hydraulic slow speed system, and the overloading can travel at a steady speed

b) Good rigidity, high adapability

DCSQ40Y Large Slope Tunnel Rubber Wheel Traction Locomotive technical data:

Custom parameter range


Trackless rubber wheel transporter

Track roller tractor locomotive

Main parameter

Vehicle load:10~180t

Width:1600~2100(According to   need)

Gradientnot below or equal 20%


Equipment weight:20t/40t(adhesive weight)

Width:1400 (According to need)

Gradient: not below or equal 6.5%;( According to need)

Speed: 0-18km/h

segment carrier: