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Professional Sealing Reliable Cheap 6m3 Mortar Vehicle Grounting Car in Stock

Introduction of the mortar vehicle CSJ series mortar transport vehicle is specially for tunnel construction and subway construction system mortar supply, small and large TBM backup system, mortar/injection car, etc. Outline dimensions 4760×1500×2200mm, Speed:8r/min Approximately, Pressure range:...

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Introduction of the Professional Sealing Reliable Cheap 6m3 Mortar Vehicle Grounting  Car in Stock

CSJ series mortar transport vehicle is specially for tunnel construction and subway construction system mortar supply, small and large TBM backup system, mortar/injection car, etc.  Outline dimensions 4760×1500×2200mm, Speed:8r/min Approximately, Pressure range: less than 0.4Mpa.

it mainly used for mortar transportation, consist by car body, working department, dynamic system. its structure is composed by car ,running line department, mixing system, pump system, electrical system, etc. Its structure is simple, easy to operate, safety, less maintenance, high working performance, structure is tight, reliable seal

Main feature of the Professional Sealing Reliable Cheap 6m3 Mortar Vehicle Grounting  Car in Stock:

CSJ mortar truck, mortar vehicel, mortar transport car:

CSJ series mortar transport car,grounding car,  the structure of the main body,Walking Department, mixing system, pumping system, electrical system Several parts.(1)Body: body tank with mixing shaft, mixing leaves. car

Both ends of the body before and after all has the pin-type traction device, that is, traction seat.

. Walking Department: The use of two-axis bearing box bearing walk agencies, mortar cars The upper part adopts the composite damping spring, the mortar transport vehicle runs smoothly and the braking mode is the exhaust brake.

. Stirring system: Stirring spindle use thick-walled seamless steel pipe, stiffness, strength are guaranteed. Mixing blades in the mixing shaft is divided into different parts before and after the rotation, which will help empty the mortar. The stirring shaft is sealed at both ends of the box with oil labyrinth seal and dynamic and static ring mechanical seal. The moving and static rings are made of wear-resistant material, the seal is reliable, the system is not easy to damage, and the inspection workload is small.

Technical parameter of the Professional Sealing Reliable Cheap 6m3 Mortar Vehicle Grounting  Car in Stock:

The name of the project


Model, specifications


Outline dimensions


Front and rear traction pin center distance








Wheel diameter


Traction pin center line from the track surface height


The stirring tank


The total capacity of


The stirring motor, deceleration device: specifications, power

Stirring motor: Y132M-4,power:7.5kw

The deceleration device: KDH97

Sealed stirring torque kN and stirring shaft

The stirring torque:1.5kN.m

Stirring shaft sealing mode: labyrinth seal oil+ asbestos packing packed seal

The blade material, diameter and rotational speed of stirring

Mixing blade material:16Mn,diameter:1470

Speed:8r/min approximately

Mortar pump type

Centrifugal pump

Flow range

16~18m3/h (0.4MPa、200r/min)

The pressure range of MPa, the pumping distance

Pressure range: less than 0.4Mpa

The pumping distance: the flow rate is 23m3/h,head of 40m

Vehicle braking mode

Exhaust brake

Minimum turning radius


Shock absorbing mode

Cylindrical helical compression spring damping mode

Detail images of the Professional Sealing Reliable Cheap 6m3 Mortar Vehicle Grounting  Car in Stock:

2m3 mortar vehicle .jpg

3m3 mortar vehicle .jpg

Perfect after-sales service:

1. Pre-sales measurment, to give customer detail scheme.

2. Free design, timely responding for customer's any questions.

3. Free taining, factory test-run service, 24hrs after-slaes services. 

Our company information:

We offer a full range of solutions to the tunnel industry, including Battery Locomotive, diesel locomotive, muck cars, mortar car,traction transmission system, battery case, operation control system, Traffic Control Systems, Traction Battery Chargers, AC Locomotive Controllers, Auto Re-Closers, Remote Control Systems for Locomotives etc.


All the equipment are suit for sea shippings.Within 40' HQ containers of tunnel mortar grounting car.


1. Are you manufacturer?

Yes, we are the tunnel TBM backup equipment manufacturer in China 

2. What's kind of fuel it use?

The diesel locomotive are use diesel fuel type.

3. Payment term?

Our company payment term is 30% advance payment after contract signing, 70% before buyer check the tunnel backup equipment,tunnel construction vehicles and shipping will be paid.

4. Shipping

We can ship the goods to the buyer determination, through 20' or 40'HQ, 40'OT containers.

5. After-sales service

We provide 1 years quality guarantee, and 1 year free supply of spare parts.

6. Installation and debugging

After the goods arrive to the job site, we will dispatch 1-2 engineers to the buyer's job site to install and free debugging, as well as simple training service.

7. Guarantee period

Generally is one year since tunnel construction vehicles delivery to the buyer's site.

Mortar cars working:

Mortar cars or boxes are driven either electrically,or pneumatically in combination with diesel or battery. The variety in size and capacities is extremely high and flexible. The adaptation to back-up and other equipment is our company standard.

If you're looking for the professional sealing reliable cheap 6m3 mortar vehicle grounting car in stock to help with your business, Henan Zhongsui, one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers, must be your best choice. Welcome to wholesale the quality, durable and cheap equipment from us.

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