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3m3 Mortar Car

3m3 mortar vehicle is used for tunnel, subway, metro mortar stirring transport vehicles, its structure is simple, seal is reliable, it mainly used for mortar transportation mixing during walking, consist by car body, working department, dynamic system, stirring system and electric control system,seal is good,easy maintenance,good quality,etc

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3m3 Mortar car

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The 3m³ mortar car is for transporting mortar in tunnel shield construction, mainly for concrete mixer for slurry storage tank,work tract with our battery tunnel locomotive or diesel locomotive, muck car, segment car, flat car, man rider car,etc. mortar truck capacity is 3 ~ 13m3, can design as customer's detail require to supply various mortar mixing car.The mortar car main structure include motar car body, walking part, power system, mixing system, electrical control system.

1. Car body: is welded by 10mm 16Mn steel plate, both end has traction pin connection plate, used for connect with locomotive.

2. Walk device: adopt two axle bearing box bearing walking system,on axle box set two group compound damping spring,imporve the stationary, enlong the axle life time.  

3. Stiring system: the main stir axle use the seamless steel pipe,ensure the axle strength and rigidity,reduce whole vehicle weight. The mixing blade devide into front and back two different direction, good for mortar drain, the seal adopt move, stastic wear-resistant material,seal reliable,hard to wear, less maintainance


1. Compound shock absorption, exhaust braking

2. Steady walking, integrated transportation and agitation 

3. reliable sealing, and continuity of construction

4. include 2m3,3m3,6m3,8m3,10m3

5.shock absorption: rubber spring Wilson Coupling

* integration of transport and mixing,good sealing,ensure continuity of construction.

Technical data:





Outline dimensions


Front and rear traction pin center distance




Gauge mm




Wheel diameter


Traction pin center line from the track surface height


The stirring tank


The total capacity of


The stirring motor, deceleration device: specifications, power

Stirring motor: Y132S-4,power:5.5kw

The deceleration device: WPA135-4

Sealed stirring torque kN and stirring shaft

The stirring torque:0.9kN.m

Stirring shaft sealing mode: labyrinth seal oil+ asbestos packing packed seal

The blade material, diameter and rotational speed of stirring

Mixing blade material:16Mn,diameter:1170

Speed:8r/min Approximately

Mortar pump type

Centrifugal pump

Flow range

6~8m3/h (0.4MPa、200r/min)

The pressure range of MPa, the pumping distance

Pressure range: ≤ 0.4Mpa

The pumping distance: the flow rate is 23m3/h,head of 12m

Vehicle braking mode

Exhaust brake

Minimum turning radius


Shock absorbing mode

Cylindrical helical compression spring damping mode

Mortar car in tunnel

3m3 mortar vehicle .jpg