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16 Seat Man Rider Car For Tunnel Person Transport

16 seat man rider car for tunnel, tunnel narrow gauge personnel transport car

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Tunnel 16 seat man rider car

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Man riding car is desinged for tunnel working staff carrier, include common and luxury type, has 12 seats, 18 seats, 24 seats, work together with the tunnel battery locomotive , diesel locomotive, muck cars, mortar car, flat car for engineering shield machine matched supporting machinery


16 seat man rider car main specification:

man ride car apply for tunnel personnel transport vehicle, mainly for tunnel, subway, and metro construction equipment.

16 seat man rider car


GC 16-9

Outside dimension



16 seat(1.6t)

Self weight


Rail gauge


Axle distance


Wheel diameter


Min turning radius


Sound absorption method

Spring damping

Braking method

Parking brake

Traction height


16 seat man rider car photo:

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