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Tunnel locomotive is a traction locomotive which is used for digging of subway Railroads tunnel, water transfer tunnels, and some road tunnels to carry materials, Equipments , and take out the soils resulted from Digging. Moreover, tunnel workers and TBM operator Traffic with wagons which carry personnel through the tunnels.

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25t Diesel Electric Locomotives manufacturer


The tunnel diesel locomotive is the most important part for EPB supporting horizontal transportation construction method. At present, rail transportation is adopted in most of the supporting transportation systems after shield construction in China.

25t tunnel diesel electric locomotives is take diesel import VOLVO generator as power source, through AC-DC-AC frequency conversion speed adjustment, narrow gauge used mechanical electric horizontal transit diesel locomotive, it used for underground tunnel, metro, subway tunneling construction traction, of shield back-up machinery.

Supply scope:

* Double-side brake shoes

* Two steps deadman switch to activate both eclectrical brake and air brake

* Speed meter & milelage meter

* Mini fan in driver's cab

* Sanding system for wet track conditions

* Warning light

* Wilson Coupling

* Air brake and fail safe spring loaded brake

* Fire extingurisher, VOLVO generator

* 2 set of CCTV system, wireless control with monitor


1. Weight from 25t,35t,45t,50t,55t

2. Welded steel structure frame,dc-ac frequency inverter,  Tunnel Diesel Electric Locomotives can be used in every tunnel harsh condition

3. Import VOLVO generator,sound noiseless,emission reach Euro standard, performance is stable and reliable.

4. 25t~55t tunnel diesel electric locomotives apply for tunneling, long metro,subway,railway,railroad,watering tunnel, city utility, public pipeline tunnel, etc.

5. Diesel locomotive convenient to add oil, the diesel locomotive train engin no need change battery and long time charging,brake shoe wear are very less.

6. tunnel diesel electric locomotives Start steady, avoid impact for drive system, greatly extend the dynamic system lifespan.

7. The diesel electric locomotive within its long lifespan, are very few maintenance, the motor generator engine is adopt import generator, stable performance,wear part replace cycle is long, daily maintenance is very few.

8. Good traction charactor,due to the frequency is stable,so the diesel locomotive adhesive factor reach 0.28(battery locomotive is 0.2).

9. Good braking performance.more reliable and high efficiency.brake operation is very simple,batter than battery locomotive.

10.PLC control, SIMENS diaplay system, Volvo generator, famous domestic parts manufacturers, strong quality rechack system, rich experienced technical engineers team, all enable us provide with high quality diesel locomotives.

11. tunnel diesel electric locomotives support for tunnel gradient loop at 35%.

12. tunnel diesel electric locomotives running time is long,large traction,high work efficiency,large power,running stable,suit for long journey tunnel constructions.

13.Intelligent control function:  2 set of CCTV system, clean emission

Technical parameter:

25T diesel   locomotive 




Outline dimension




locomotive weight


adhesive factor


Transmission method

Ac motor-universal joint-gear reducer-walking   wheel



Start traction


Continuous traction trac

52KN(gradient 12‰,speed 9km/h)

traction weight

Larger than 150t(gradient12‰,speed 9km/h 9km/h)

Continuous speed

Empty max. speed 15km,nominal speed 9.0 km


The minimum curvature radius


shock absorption

Rubber spring

Heavy load climbing gradient


Locomotive control way

frequency conversion and infinite speed

Brake mode

Mechanical, electric, air braking

braking leverage


brake valve type

Automatically air-cut brake

Braking distance


emergency braking

air braking+ electric braking

Distance between track surface and centerline of traction pin


Operation mode

Go forward 5 grade-back 5 grade

25T tunnel diesel locomotive in jobsite:

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