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High Performance Underground 45t Electric Power Tunnel Tractor Locomotive Machinery for Metro and Subway for Sale

High Performance Underground 45t Electric Power Tunnel Tractor Locomotive Machinery for Metro and Subway for Sale

45t battery locomotive 45t battery locomotive is the DC-ac drive,narrow gauge battery used tunnel and mining locomotive(electric locomotive). This battery locomotive is developed and designed according to tunnel engineering mechanical construction requirement, is Shield back-up machine. During...

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45t railroad battery operated locomotive product descriptions:

Our 45t railroad battery operated locomotive organization offers different types of shield back up equipment and component, which are used in the metro Railways. Being a famous private railway company of China, we Railway operates the entire country's rail transport. The tunnel construction of China Railway is vast and one of the largest in the world. Railroad Battery Locomotive is playing an important role in China tunnel Railway.

45t battery operated locomotive include structure:

  1. Railroad battery locomotive car body

  2. Driver's cab

  3. Operation table

  4. air compressor system

5. Frequency convertor system

6. Traction motor

7. Air compressor 

The China 45t tunnel battery locomotive brake main charactor:

1. The tunnel battery locomotive brake is good, has two types brake: electric brake and air brake two braking mode.

2. The electric braking is normal brake,air brake is as the power shoe brake only as emergency braking .

3. The tunnel battery locomotive when use the electric brake, could according to battery voltage realise feedback brake, electric resistance brake, zero brake automatic transform.

Battery locomotive also suit for coal mine, metallurgical, mining, railroad, highway tunnel etc construction narrow gauge railway surface, non explosion-proof place transport and traction.

Locomotive heavy t


Motor power KW


The main control converter power kw


Gauge mm


Wheel diameter mm


Continuous traction KN


Starting tractive force KN


Continuous speed


Top speed km/h


The braking mode

Electric brake and air brake

Power box capacity Ah


Mileage of once charging km

60-80(car battery)

Locomotive traction weight t ( not including the locomotive)

The 0 gradient


10 per 1000 slope


20 per 1000 slope


30 per 1000 slope


40 per 1000 slope


Outline dimensions mm (length*width*height)


China 45t battery locomotive main picture:

8t tunnel locomotive unit.jpg

12t tractor locomotive .jpg

12t tractor locomotives.jpg

Package: in 40' open top containers, or bulk cargo transport to Tianjin port,then pack into container.

The battery locomotive are fixed by Fumigation wooden on the seatbase to avoid equipment damage. 

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