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45t tunnel battery locomotive is mainly for tunneling construction, shield back up towing machineery.Through ISO9001 certifications. Weight from 25~45t,engine from output: 140~400kw,frequency convertor transmission

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China made 45t battery type electric locomotives manufacturer 762mm,600mm,900mm rail gauge

DPC45(50)/ 7, 9GB battery locomotive is straight - ac transmission, narrow-gauge battery mine locomotive (hereinafter referred to as electric locomotive). It is applicable to the transport traction of non-explosion-proof sites such as coal, metallurgy, mining, forest, railway and highway tunnel construction.with rail gauge of 900,762,600     


45t battery type electric locomotives manufacturer main work principle:

Electric locomotive supply dc power from battery box supply, direct current (dc) through the traction converter converts into adjustable voltage and frequency of three-phase alternating current for two ac squirrel cage induction motor, each rotor of the motor through the universal coupling drive gear reduction gearbox, after the secondary gear transmission to the axle, thus traction locomotive.

45t battery electric locomotive's  use for 762mm,600mm,900mm the conditions of use

Elevation not exceed 1000m, the environment temperature changes with the seasons, but highest do not exceed + 40 ℃, the minimum is not low At subzero of15 ℃.

 45t battery type electric locomotives main technical charactor:

45t battery powered locomotive air brake system adopt spring double role brake cylinder ,when the 45t battery locomotive running, if use the air brake then through foot pedal- control valves supply gas- relay valve supply gas, brake cylinder air plenum-relay valve supply gas, brake cylinder chamber role, brake shoe, realize gas dynamic production and size control.

45t battery type electric locomotives main technical parameter:

Locomotive heavy t


Motor power KW


The main control converter power  kw




Gauge mm

600, 762 or 900mm

Wheel diameter mm


Continuous traction KN


Starting tractive force KN


Continuous speed


Top speed km/h


The braking mode

Electric brake and air brake

Power box capacity Ah


Mileage of once charging km

60-80(car battery)

Locomotive traction weight t ( not including the locomotive)

The 0 gradient


10 per 1000 slope


20 per 1000 slope


30 per 1000 slope


40 per 1000 slope


Outline dimensions mm  (length*width*height)


China Made 45t Battery Type Electric Locomotives Manufacturer picture:

Battery powered tunnel locomotives, parameter can adjust according to customer

TBM tunnel boring machine backup equipment supplier:

Henan Zhongsui is a manufacturer of railbound and trackless tunnel construction equipment, such as narrow gauge rolling stock, rails, and switches; conveyor belts, concrete, and grouting and formwork equipment; and multi service rubber wheel service vehicles on rubber wheels.

Zhongsui company was funded in 2015 by Henan Yuanzhong group. It is now is privite company,260 employees in the Zhongsui enterprises

The future utility of tunnel battery powered locomotives:

Battery powered locomotive for tunnel: our company produced various type of battery locomotives and diesel electric locomotives, mainly has 25T, 35T, 45T, 50T, 55T and other forms of tunnel construction backup weight. It is suitable for coal , metallurgy, mining, forest, railway tunnel, road tunnel construction and other industries such as narrow-gauge railway surface non-explosion-proof places such as tunnel horizontal traction locomotive's transport traction.

Important Role of the 45t Battery Type Electric Locomotives for tunnelling: 

After the shield supporting the horizontal transport grouping is an important part of the earth pressure balance shield method, at present, the domestic shield construction of the post-supporting transport systems are basically used rail transport.

Battery mining electric locomotive 45t Battery Type Electric Locomotives

battery locomotive.jpg

battery locomotive (5).jpg

TBM tunnel boring machine backup equipment 45t battery locomotive Packagine:

Packaging & Delivery

1, Packaging Detail: standard export wooden case package or carton.

2, Leading time: 1-3 days

3, Delivery time: depend on ways of shipping


Shipping & payment

1,ways of shipping:

1) Small machine will shipped by express (DHL, EMS, FedEx and so on) or air

2) Big order and big machine shipped by sea (FOB Shenzhen/CIF)

2, payment methods


We accept LC, TT, West Union , Papal or MoneyGram

Our business scope:

Rail Transit Equipment; rail transportation equipment  trolley locomotive,  flameproof locomotive

Electric locomotive

Battery locomotive

Segment car

flat car

muck car

How to operate a tunnel Battery locomotive: to meet the coal, the forest, especially in the subway tunnel construction, large slope, requirements of disposable slag designed high-power battery locomotive traction transportation needs a new battery type ac drive mining tram, main for shield tunneling transport in the process of mortar ,muck and  traction locomotive,the tunnel electric locomotive use the advanced interflow waste residue,V type rubber spring damping device, etc.To adopt advanced technology of ac drive locomotive, herringbone rubber spring suspension devices, frequency control of motor speed, has good adhesiveness, high traction, wide speed range, high reliability and less maintenance cost;The locomotive brake adopts electric brake, air brake and hand brake three kinds of braking, electric brake is the conventional brake, the braking performance is good;It can be used to pull 230 tons of weight on a 35‰ ramp

The main production of electric locomotive,muck car,segment car, mortar car, direct inverter electric vehicle

Parameters can be changed according to user requirements

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