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45t Tunnel Battery Powered Electric Locomotive

Tunnel construction locomotives and rolling stocks cars adopt specialized frequency converter which is designed by our engineers. Frequency conversion mode is designed for vector and direct torque control. There are new developed AC frequency conversion electric locomotives from 25 tons to 55 tons in battery power, which are widely used in subway, tunnel construction, highway tunnel, TBM tunnel construction and other areas of tunnel rail transportation.

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45t tunnel battery electric locomotive 


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45t DC/AC inversion battery for industrial and mine electric locomotive employs DC/AC inversion and speed regulation and computer intelligent control technologies, and has the advantages of large startup tractive force, good braking performance,reliable running,easy operation,small size,high efficiency,and excellent environmental adaptability etc,which is particularly applied to underground construction projects such as subway, highway, railway and hydrotechnic constructions etc.


Tunnel Battery locomotive, is designed for the subway,tunnel construction, highway tunnel, TBM tunnel construction and other areas of tunnel rail transportation. Which is water transport tunnel, storm tunnel, sewage tunnel, highway tunnel, utility tunnel, railroad tunnel, etc. locomotive to be used on 35‰ gradient, 600mm,762mm, 900 mm rail gauge。

Products including: rolling stock, DC/AC locomotive, diesel locomotive, muck car, segment car, grouting car, mortar car, man rider,flat car, Multi service vehicle etc.



Advantage :

dc-ac variable frequency control 35‰ gradient,

Energy saving,stable power supply and not slide,high performance

Large traction,could tract 250t  as 8~9km/h

Double pipe exhaust system combined with electric braking system

Easy operate, the driver room is large and beautiful

Special design can be made according to user's requirement.

Clean energy, environmental protection, high reliability and less maitenance, low cost 

Equipped with unmanned system, battery alarm system, anti-slip device,anti-dozing device, door interlock device, and wireless video monitoring system

narrow tunnel cross-section

tight curve radii

High performance requirements

safety requirement, extreme gradients 

Main Parameter 


Power 110KW*2
Transmission methodDC-AC 
Track Gauge(mm)900,762,600
Wheel diameter mm900
Continuous traction 96KN
Starting tractive force 126KN
Continuous speed km/h10
Top speed km/h25
Max towingload in horizontaldirection/35‰300t/230t
Locomotive control modefrequency conventor
Braking Electric brake,hand brake and air brake
Shock absorption
V-shaped rubber spring
Brake distance
Emergency brakeComposite brake + anti-slip braking
Axle weight
Battery life
Charge more than 750 times
Running journey>60km
Cell voltage
Unit capacity620Ah
Supply voltage
Frequency converter modelCF-380/540
Rated capacity of traction converter323.4kVA
type of coolingforced air cooling
Motor typeYQ-110BP
Min. turning radius(m)25
Traction height(mm)320,430
Suit rail type27 and above
Overall arrangementsingle cab,overall type
Outline dimensions mm(L*W*H)
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