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12T Underground tunnel locomotive

Tunnel locomotive is a traction locomotive which is used for digging of subway Railroads tunnel, water transfer tunnels, and some road tunnels to carry materials, Equipments , and take out the soils resulted from Digging. Moreover, tunnel workers and TBM operator Traffic with wagons which carry personnel through the tunnels.

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12t Underground tunnel battery locomotive  

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12t DC/AC invension battery for industrial and mine electric locomotive employs DC/AC invertion and speed regulation and computer intelligent control technologies, and has the advantages of large start tractive force,good braking performance, reliable running, easy operation,small size, high efficiency, and excellent environmental adability etc, which is paticularly applied to underground construction project such as subway,highway, railway, and hytrotechnic construction etc. 

Products including: rolling stock, DC/AC locomotive, diesel locomotive, muck car, segment car, grouting car, mortar car, man rider, flat car, multi service vehicle, etc.  


Tunnel Battery locomotive, is designed for the subway metro, tunnel construction, water transport tunnel, storm tunnel, sewage tunnel, highway tunnel, railroad tunnel, etc. locomotive to be used on 35% gradient, 600mm,762mm, 900 mm rail gauge,and can be moved onto other construction sites that have different track gauges. It also provides superior haulage and braking capabilities,etc.



Advantage :

1. Rational structure and excellent workmanship for the whole machine;

 2. Power generation in full range of voltage; regenerative braking and control technology; cancellation of dynamic braking; excellent performance in energy conservation, emission reduction, and environmental protection; 
 3. Equipped with the frequency converter technologies of Huichuan Co., Ltd., it’s suitable for the operating condition of traction, zero speed, and big torque. During operation, its motor has no harmonic component, no additional heat and temperature rise; low failure rate; prominent energy conservation; high traction efficiency, and; longer service life of motor; 
 4. Higher energy conservation efficiency; after charging for one time, its storage battery can guarantee the travel of locomotive for 80km;
 5. Anti-running braking technology improves the safety performance index of locomotive to great extent;
 6. Overdischarge prevention technology for battery: it can give accurate alerting signal when the electric quantity of battery drops to 10%, so as to ensure that the travel could travel normally to the place for changing the battery; inhibit the overdischarge of battery to ensure its normative usage; 
 7. Self-rescue technology for locomotive when the electric quantity of battery is lower; 
 8. Coupled traction technology for locomotives of same or different tonnage, which establishes the forming model for traction locomotives of large and larger tonnage, realizes the forming model of traction locomotives of large and larger tonnage, and realizes high efficiency for heavy-duty transportation and construction under condition of large and long rampway; 
 9. The locomotive is equipped with 380V/30kw AC power supply interface, which ensures the mixing and pump of mortar truck at any place;
 10. Control technology for prevention of fatigue driving: ① Overall operation control pedal; ② Locomotive deceleration remote control device that is positioned 100m away from the last jumbo of shield machine.

Technology parameter:

Loco size5348×1360×2000
Track Gauge mm600,762,900 
Loco weight12000kg
Power 37kw×2
Startup tractive force (kN)31.2
Continuous tractive force7.8km/h
Continuous tractive25.6Kn
Max. speed25km/h
Min. turning radius(m)15
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