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45t Tunnelling Battery-driven Locomotives

45t tunnelling battery-driven locomotives simple introduction: 45t tunnel battery locomotive China professional manufacturer: We are focus on tunneling construction used battery operated narrow gauge high quality strong performance tunnel battery locomotive, muck car, mucking truck, flat car,...

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45t tunnelling battery-driven locomotives simple introduction:

In modern shield construction, the tunnel locomotive according to the shield excavation mehod the disposition is different:

1). each tunnel battery locomotive must has the traction capacity of 1 mortar car, 2 segment cars, and 4 mucking cars capacity.

2). Could ensure the start smooth, and could tract the whold rolling stock locomotive logistics in the 40‰ gradient

3). Has electric brake, air brake and hand brake three types brake 

4). Has frequency device, in order to suit different work status.

5). The battery could guarantee once charging running 10km capacity

6). The tunnel battery locomotive, mucking car, segment car, mortar car is an overall rolling stock transport system,should has an overall arrangement on the brake, rail gauge, and connection way. 

45t tunnelling battery-driven locomotives superior features:

1. Weight from 25t-55t

2. Frame is welded steel structure,dc-ac frequency inverter, can be used in every tunnel harsh condition

3. set electric brake and air brake, electric brake is normal brake, the air brake as power shoe only as auxiliary or emergency use.

4.Battery locomotive two side set traction pin or automatic wilson coupling connection device, used for battery locomotive and muck car, mortar vehicle, segment car, flat car, men rider car, connection,also pass the locomotive's traction and impact from the vehicles.

5. front gear is forward 1-5 gear, back gear is 1-5 gears, ensure the safety of operation.

6.Warning and anti-sleep function, improve the whole work safe and reliable

7.Over load protection function,with PLC tech,and SIMENSE screen displaying.

8. Support for tunnel gradient loop at 35%.

9. 2 set of CCTV system, wireless control with monitor 

Detail technical Parameter of 45t tunnelling battery-driven locomotives:

Locomotive   heavy t


Motor power KW


The main control converter power   kw




Gauge mm

600, 762 or 900mm

Wheel diameter mm


Continuous traction KN


Starting tractive force KN


Continuous speed


Top speed km/h


The braking mode

Electric brake and air brake

Power box capacity Ah


Mileage of once charging km

60-80(car battery)

Locomotive traction weight t ( not   including the locomotive)

The 0 gradient


10 per 1000 slope


20 per 1000 slope


30 per 1000 slope


40 per 1000 slope


Outline dimensions mm (length*width*height)


Tunnel use metro construction of 45t tunnelling battery-driven locomotives:

double shield rock tbm locomotive.jpg

7 tunnel battery locomotives rolling stock.jpg

traction locomotive.jpg

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