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25T Subway Equipment Battery Locomotives

45t tunnel battery locomotives are powered by lead acid battery, with 2 group battery, 3 boxes, working durable, running stable, working reliable, with track gauge of 600,762,900mm.

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25T Subway Equipment Battery Locomotives Introduce: 

25t tunnel battery powered locomotives are mainly designed for various tunnel, water transfer tunnel, sewer tunnel, city underground tunnel, etc,forest rail transporting, railway, and highway tunnel construction industry, narrow gauge non explosion proof battery locomotives.

25T Subway Equipment Battery Locomotives Application: various railway tunnel, water tunnel,etc.

Track gauge: 600,762,900mm

Locomotive heavy: 25t

Locomotive size: 7050×1500×2250mm

Rail radius diameter: not less than 15m

Matching equipment rolling stock for rail: tunnel muck cars, segment cars, mixer, flat cars, men riding cars,etc.

Suit for: Railway tunnel, highway tunnel, city subway, light rail, bridge culvert,The specialized machinery manufacturing of mountain tunnel and other construction fields, a series of tunnel construction various special equipment

25t tunnel used battery powered locomotives Specification:

Locomotive heavy t


Motor power KW


The main control converter power kw




Gauge mm

600, 762 or 900mm

Wheel diameter mm


Continuous traction KN


Starting tractive force KN


Continuous speed


Top speed km/h


The braking mode

Electric brake and air brake

Power box capacity Ah

400 (car battery)

Mileage of once charging km

40-60 (car battery)

Locomotive traction weight   t ( not including the locomotive)

The 0 gradient


10 per 1000 slope


20 per 1000 slope


30 per 1000 slope


40 per 1000 slope


Outline dimensions mm (length*width*height)


25T Subway Equipment Battery Locomotives Tunnel battery powered locomotive:

25T Subway Equipment Battery Locomotives Mainly consist of Locomotive body, walking bogie,braking systems, traction transmission system, tunnel battery box, operation control system, etc.

battery locomotive1.jpg

rail way transim.jpg

25T Subway Equipment Battery Locomotives Brake system: electric and air brake two type

Locomotive connections system: traction pin/wilson coupling 

Battery type: Lead acid battery, 

Charging and discharging for 700 times, can run 60km

Battery capacity: 600AH, cell voltageL 2V 

Battery no: 84*3

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