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wholesale railway battery locomotive -battery feedback system
- Oct 26, 2017 -

JXKB series battery locomotive, both based on power braking as main braking, are used brake shoe as auxiliary brakes (such as parking brake).It is all battery-powered locomotive to avoid the process of generating electricity, which has been regarded as harmful. The traditional Conventional battery operated locomotives, which consume most of the electricity generated in a specially designed electric resistance box, and then got the  powered electricity, the kind of energy consumption will cost lots of battery energy. JXKB type battery power locomotive will take the electricity brake to replace the braking energy, eliminate the waste caused by energy consumption braking energy and high failure rate, avoids the brake unit energy consumption and energy consumption braking resistance, due to long-term work in the state of high temperature high heat caused by the structure and components of aging, damage, and cause of battery locomotive is out of control.