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Wholesale metro muck truck--Customized towing muck car in China
- Oct 26, 2017 -

ZT type tbm supporting muck carrier tbm muck car function description earth hopper transporter The muck carrier, tunnel and tbm muck car mainly consists of muck carrier bogie, frame,

The slag bucket and other parts.

(1) bogie: the tbm muck car bogie is a bucket truck walking mechanism . The subway muck car has side frame,beam, wheel, spring,braking system, etc. The bogie running through is heart disc,

Spring damping.The braking mode is the exhaust brake, when the rail muck car pressure is lower

to 0.4mpa, the brake cylinder spring pushed through the lever mechanism to push

Brake shoe to have brake, the system pressure is lower, the brake power is large;When the tunnel battery locomotive pressure reaches 0.4mpa, brake shoe is relieved.

The production base of CTEE is located in the famous birthplace of Yangshao and Longshan culture: Wuzhi county,Jiaozuo City,Henan Province.

CTEE is a professional manufacturer focusing on the equipments of rail transport for tunnel construction. The enterprise is the conglomerates with design, manufacture and sales. After years of hard working, CTEE has developed various models advanced and practical locomotives and auxiliary products. Especially the mechanical and electrical locomotives runs without power supply and charging equipment. The locomotive has the advantages of clean emission, low operating cost, safety, simple operation, convenient maintenance and long service life, which has been universally accepted and praised by customers, has been generally recognized and praise by the good use. Company adhere to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises with corporate culture, make the enterprise to establish a good social image in the development. "Line will be far from near, the endless pursuit".

We will as in the past to forge ahead of the rest, continue to increase investment in science and technology, strengthening enterprise management, closely rely on team strength to create a customer satisfaction to sell products, provides the powerful safeguard for the mine, tunnel construction of China production, is all the staff unremitting pursue goal.

Cool...The battery locomotive can make the digging and trenching easier in tunnel.