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twin-machine traction device of tunnel battery locomotives
- Nov 16, 2017 -

twin-machine traction device. Zhongsui diesel electric locomotive engine equipped with a remote control system, can realize two or more locomotive traction a marshalling train together, controlled by a driver at the same time, all functions such as shift, commutator, motor speed control, sandblasting, etc can be 2 scooter completely synchronous operation automatically, simply start their engines, all actions and fault can be controlled by the lead locomotive on the instrument panel lights automatic display and confirmation.(4) anti-slid and anti-slip device. Optimize the actual friction between wheel and rail to achieve maximum traction;It can be used to optimize the control of locomotive locomotive.Reduce the wear and tear of the shift gear;Reduce the load on the wheel group;Shorten the braking distance;Speed sensors are installed on each wheel, and when there is an activity trend on the ramp, the system starts to call the police, and the anti-slip anti-slip device works to avoid the scooter.