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tunnel battery locomotives air brake Schematic diagram introduce
- Jan 22, 2018 -

The tunnel battery locomotives air brake schematic diagram of transportation marshalling train is shown in Figure 6-1. The gas line is composed of the control line and the main gas line for the tunnel battery locomotives . The control line of tunnel battery locomotives mainly sends the brake command of the hand brake and the foot brake valve through the relay valve to achieve the same braking command of the entire transport grouping train. As long as the main gas line ensures continuous Gas supply to the brake cylinders via the relay valve of the tunnel battery locomotives  for braking of the entire transport marshalling train.

tunnel battery locomotives Locomotive train group brake principle: locomotive operation: Handbrake 9 into the "run" position, the control valve of the tunnel battery locomotives handbrake relay valve 10 is opened, the air supply (gas tank) through the handbrake relay valve 10 to the brake cylinder rodless side supply, the tunnel battery locomotives brake Braking : brake pedal brake pedal 7, foot brake relay valve 11 control valve opens, the gas source (gas tank) through the brake brake relay valve 11 to the brake cylinder has Rod side of the gas supply, brake shoe lock, to achieve locomotive brake tunnel battery locomotives.

tunnel battery locomotives Parking brake principle: When the train is parked, the handbrake 9 is put into "stop" position, the control valve of the manual brake motor valve 10 is closed, the air source (gas tank) stops supplying air to the tunnel battery locomotives brake cylinder, the brake shoe is in the brake cylinder Under the action of the return spring lock the wheels, parking brake.