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tunnel battery locomotive suppliers--Anti-slip braking system
- Oct 26, 2017 -

tunnel battery locomotive suppliers--Anti-slip braking system

(1).High-speed side brake shoe brake: in the tunnel battery locomotive driving system high speed end has a set of brake shoe brake assembly, were used in tbm battery powered locomotive wheel brake shoe brake failure, namely, to prevent accidental slip car use;

2).: anti-running chain: between every two of the battery locomotive, are equipped with appropriate length of chain, hang the vehicle up, when there is any fault on the battery locomotive vehicle traction hook, vehicles are not natural disjunction.This kind of anti - slip mode is linked anti-slip.

Tbm battery powered Locomotive high speed brake shoe brake is not used in conventional braking.The device is determined by the failure of the brake shoe and the failure of the frequency converter and the speed of the battery locomotive.